Sunday, January 18, 2015

Day 365


 365 Days.
Each day I shared a picture.
Each day a little peek of my part of the world through my eyes. 
I hope you enjoyed my journey.
Taking a picture every day is a challenge, but it is also very fun to do. 
 I decided to go for the third year.

             Lucy's 365 days III   (<-click)

Thank you, for your nice comments and emails. I appreciate them all very much.
I hope to see you again at my 365 days journey part III.



  1. THANK YOU, LUCY!! :)
    Best wishes and so looking forward to the third year!!

  2. When I clicked on this 365 day picture I was ready to write: "Thank you for so many great pictures, I will miss them"..... but you will be back tomorrow!! Yesssss!
    So I will now write: "Thank you for so many great pictures and looking forward to many more"!!

  3. And I just put your new blog in the bloglist on my blog! Looking forward to tomorrow!

  4. Well done on finishing another year of beautiful photos, Lucy!! I look forward to seeing what you get up to next year as well!

  5. Thank you Lucy! I will join you and this time see it through! Well done.

  6. Thank you for another year -- how fast it went! I'll be looking forward to your next series.

  7. Wat een leuke foto om dit jaar mee af te ronden. Zó leuk dat we mekaar via deze weg hebben leren kennen!
    De "Lucy-foto" hoort gewoon bij m'n dag dus ik ben super blij dat je morgen gewoon verder gaat! Thanks!!!

  8. Well done on completing 365 days. Although only coming in towards the end I have thoroughly enjoyed your photos and look forward to following the new 365.

  9. Ik vond het een feestje om hier te mogen zijn, met mooie vaak ook ontroerende foto's!
    Petje af!
    En wat ben ik blij dat je verder gaat!

  10. Thank you Lucy for the glimpses of your beautiful country and wondrous quilts. What a daily treat. Looking forward to the next 365 days. Warm greetings from Africa, Penny.

  11. Congratulations on your 365 days! I am so glad you will be joining me for another 365 days. I have loved seeing all your wonderful pictures. This will be the best year yet!

  12. I am glad you did this and that you will be doing it again. I hope it brought you joy. It did for me. Just the simple beauty in the photos.

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