Thursday, November 6, 2014

Day 292

Last  weekend I found in a little very cozy shop 'Lente' this sweet little tin. I couldn't resist it. 
I like the flowers on it and it is perfect to hold some sewing stuff.
(never have enough tins/baskets with sewing stuff, right) 
But when turning the tin around it says this:

Why did originally this tin contain 10 cigars??
Was it to please the lady of the house in exchange to let her husband smoke these smelly cigars?
Well I'm happy that it was empty when I bought it ;-)



  1. What a beautiful tin Lucy! The detail is so pretty.

  2. Lovely tin and I am surprised this tin held cigars..... it does not look like a 'man-tin'......

  3. Maybe the marketing concept was something for both.....cigars for the husband and a pretty tin for the wife.