Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Day 256

Sometimes looks something very complicate and then it is simple to knit.
Sometimes looks something very simple and then it is very complicate to knit.
Well this baby bootie looks simple to knit but to me it was so complicate. 
I still don't know if I like the result. 
Maybe it doesn't become a pair.



  1. Het LIJKT helemaal niet moeilijk, maar het ziet er wel héél schattig en lekker warm uit!

  2. I love the result! It is definitely adorable. I think it might get lonely if it doesn't become a pair.

  3. Oh dear, poor baby, with only one litte bootie ;-)! It's cute actually, maybe the second one will be easier to do.

  4. Well at least it isn't bobbles!! ;)

  5. But it is sooooo cute! I looked at a booklet today that had baby items to knit. They had a bootie pattern and I thought of you - I DIDN"T buy the booklet! Way out of my skill level at this juncture!