Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Day 164

It is hard to capture how majestic this tree is. 
I was shocked to see that the upper branches does't live anymore. 
I'm wondering what's going to be happen with this tree? 



  1. It is a very attractive tree Lucy. Maybe in winter it will be pruned back by the council. In our suburb the council gardener's prune back most of the oak trees that line the streets so that they don't reach power lines and are also kept in a healthy condition.

  2. There may still be little gnomes living near its base?! It certainly does look like it has been a majestic tree.

  3. Oh dear, do you think it might be ill? It doesn't look healthy at all..... remember Anne Frank's tree?

  4. Oh dear. It doesn't look good, does it? At least you got a picture of it!