Sunday, May 25, 2014

Day 127

Maybe this will be one of the last pictures of the peacock in our garden. He used to live at a 'farm' close to my house. But he and his 'brother' spend a lot of time in our neighborhood. Most people don't like them anymore since they makes their noise from 4.30 am till late during the day.The owner must provide a solution for this problem and that will be probably a new home for them.
I'm sure I wil miss them. 



  1. Ooohhh, natuurlijk is zulk lawaai 's morgens vroeg niet echt leuk..... Maar het unieke van twee pauwen die door je straat wandelen en in je tuin leven, is dan wel voorbij..... begrijp dat je ze gaat missen; zou ik ook doen....

  2. They can be rather noisy - but I know you will miss them!

  3. Oh how sad. Yes, they can cause you to jump three feet in the air...if you have never heard them. I will miss them looking in at you;-) Goodness, I still laugh when I think of that photo.
    blessings, jill

  4. Oh, wat jammer! Dit was wel heel bijzonder, je zult ze missen!

  5. Such a shame that your guy is being sent away, although I guess I can understand. A lot of people don't like to hear birds squawking. I've heard the peacocks call, and it is a bit startling until you get use to it. He's such a handsome fella though!