Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Day 87

Today I wanted to set up my white featherweight (since I'm in a pastel/light color mood) 
But then I realized that I need a transformer for the voltage....and where did I store that thing after the move???? 



  1. OH! Been there and lived that!! It took me a very long time to remember where I put things after we moved! Heck, I still struggle with it! Hope that you find it soon, Lucy!

  2. Oh my gosh Lucy. I lived in Orange, CA for years and graduated high school in Orange!!! What a small world....Sharon and I were nearly neighbors too. I even remember the phone number...538-3048, and like you I can not find things after we moved here last summer. Odd, so odd.
    blessings, jill

  3. I was going to mention the California thing too! I remember my phone number too (from 1969!) I hope you find your transformer soon.

  4. Ai...... did you find it already? Or did you decide to use your black FW instead? Looking for things you lost is always such a waste of time (I find that soooo irritating), one day you probably open a cabinet and find it is there by accident.

  5. I hope you find it Lucy, I really like the white!

  6. Hé! Wat een leuk witje!! ;)
    En zo te zien komt de dame uit Amerika?? Of lees ik dat verkeerd....
    Hopelijk vindt je die transformator snel, zeg. Dat is niet leuk, als je er mee wilt werken en er ontbreken dingen...... Zo vervelend, dan ben je er steeds in je hoofd mee beizg, he? Pffff!