Friday, March 28, 2014

Day 69

Two pictures today. 
This man, Mark Helsloot, removed some dead and overhanging branches from oaks in our garden.  The oaks are very tall, 
he had to climb up the tree. It was very impressive and interesting to look at. 



  1. Amazing photos! Quite a job.

  2. Very hard work! They are beautiful oak trees. We have pin oak trees mainly in our region, which the council prune during winter.

  3. I admire those people, climbing so high. Beautiful trees. It will be good for them to get rid of some of those branches, keeps them healthy!

  4. Dat is echt vakmanschap! Toen onze grote boom in de tuin eruit moest, omdat hij verrot bleek te zijn, moest er ook eerst een hovenier hoog de boom in, om eerst alle takken te verwijderen..... Geweldig om te zien; wat een precies werkje!
    En trouwens: wat een pracht van een eik!! :)
    Fijn weekend, Ria.

  5. Not for the faint hearted!! Great photos - and I bet it won't be long and the trees will be bursting into leaf :-)

  6. He certainly looks like he knows what he is doing. Your photos are quite artful. Beautiful.